Parsons Pickles

Parsons Pickles

Parsons Laverbread and Cockles are sold online in cases of 10.

Postage and packaging to mainland UK is £5.40 and Northern Ireland is £5.47, Europe £10.71 and to the rest of the world £18.67.

The Parsons Welsh Food Hamper is priced at £18.00 plus postage of £8.40 with delivery to mainland UK only.

Cockles Case of 10


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Cockles case of 10

Parsons Cockles 120g – pack of 10

Postage and packaging for 1 case to

  • England and Wales is £5.40
  • Scotland and Northern Ireland is £5.47
  • Europe £10.71
  • USA £26.26
  • Rest of the world £18.67

Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery to mainland UK.

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Weight 1.6 kg

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