Parsons Pickles

Parsons Pickles

Jars from the Parson’s Pickles range

Introducing the new buffet range from Parsons

Besides producing smaller packs of pickles for use in the home the company also produces a range of pickles especially for use by the caterer, all of these products having been produced to the same high standards. Because of the seasonality of onions and beetroot in particular the production and the laying down of stocks of these products is always done at the peak of the season so that only the best quality product is used. Products which are available in catering sizes are as follows:

Light Pickled Onions, Dark Pickled Onions, Sweet Onions, Diced Beetroot, Sliced Beetroot, Pickled Red Cabbage, Pickled Eggs in Light Vinegar, Pickled Eggs in Dark Vinegar, Sweet Pickle, Pickled Mussels and Pickled Cockles.

All the above are available in 2.25kg jars.


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