Parsons Pickles

Parsons Pickles

What you can buy:

Our Laverbread and Cockles products are sold in cases of 10.

Cockles £24.50 per case and Laverbread £17.00 per case.

Postage and packaging for 1 case to:

  • England and Wales £5.60
  • Scotland and Northern Ireland £5.47
  • Europe £11.60
  • Australia and New Zealand £25.85
  • USA £28.10
  • Rest of the world £21.30

Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery to mainland UK.

The Parsons Welsh Food Hamper is priced at £18.00 plus postage of £8.60 with delivery to mainland UK only.

Please note that if you would like to purchase a Welsh Food Hamper along with another product, please contact us on Tel: +44 1554 833351 or email us at as you will not be able to do this online.

Due to the interest shown by small retailers we can now supply a box of 50 tins of Laverbread at a discounted price of £75.50 + postage to the UK only.

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